Al-Dameer : The occupation authorities violate the medical and humanitarian rights of prisoners and detainees

Al-Dameer : The occupation authorities violate the medical and humanitarian rights of prisoners and detainees by denying them vaccination against the Coronavirus

Al-Dameer Foundation for Human Rights is looking with great concern and danger at the decision of the Israeli Minister of Internal Security not to provide vaccination against the Coronavirus for Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons, issued on 12/26/2020. The decision included directives from the Minister of Internal Security to begin providing the vaccine to workers in the administration of the Israeli Prison Authority, and providing the vaccine for Palestinian detainees is subject to the permission and approval of the Ministry.

Al-Dameer Association for Human Rights affirms that the instructions of the Minister of Internal Security, Minister Ohana, excluding the Palestinian prisoners from vaccination, is a violation of health and medical rights and violate the instructions of the Ministry of Health, and the ethics of the profession that are required to grant equal treatment to all without discrimination, especially in light of the spread of a serious pandemic.

The decision contravenes all international conventions and norms that neutralize humanitarian and medical aid, especially the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949, which devoted a special organization to dealing with infectious diseases that detainees may be exposed to in detention centers. Article (81) of the convention stipulates (that the detaining state must provide medical care that is required by their health condition, as the agreement stipulated in Article (91, 92) that wards be allocated to isolate people with these diseases, and the necessity to provide a suitable clinic in every detainee supervised by a qualified doctor in which the detainees get the medical care they need.

Al-Dameer Association for Human Rights expresses serious concern about these decisions, which are not the first of their kind in which the Israeli authorities violate the prisoners' medical and human rights during the outbreak of the Corona pandemic. accordingly,

1.The occupation authorities bear full responsibility for the lives of the Palestinian detainees or any danger that may occur to them as a result of failing to take safety measures to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

2.It calls on the international community, especially the World Health Organization, to put pressure on Israel in order to force it to abide by its duties, and to allow prisoners and detainees to be vaccinated with all vaccines against the Coronavirus and to provide health care.

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